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Sub Indian Ocean Seychelles Underwater Festival

SUBIOS is a truly unique celebration of the marine world. This annual Indian Ocean underwater festival is hosted by the Seychelles and spreads across some of  the worlds most beautiful islands and their surrounding crystal clear waters.  Even the most traveled diver will enjoy a lifetime's experience of great diving combined with a superb programme of evening presentations.

Since its inception, SUBIOS has become an annual festival combining a range of diving and snorkeling activities during the day with evening programmes of film, video and slide presentations by acclaimed guest speakers from around the world. Local speakers will be doing presentations focasing on the local environment.

These activities are not only dedicated to promoting marine-based tourism, but also to sensitising the local population on the importance and role of the marine environment, and the protection thereof.

The festival also has an underwater photographic and video contest, which encourage local divers and visitors to display their images and memories of the Seychelles marine world. The winners of contest receive a return trip to the Seychelles to participate in the SUBIOS Festival of the following year. Contest details and entry forms are found below.

35mm Photographic Contest

This competition is judged on a portfolio of 5 underwater images. Each contestant may submit up to 3 portfolios. Entries should be submitted as 35mm mounted slides in plain non-glass mounts. The photographs may have been taken anywhere in the Seychelles.

Video Contest

This competition is judged on a video of no more than 5 minutes, of which at least 75% must be underwater. Each contestant may submit up to 3 enties. Entries should be submitted on a standard VHS tape recorded in PAL format. The video footage may be from anywhere in the world.

  1. All entries must reach the contest organisers no later than 27th September 2002. Late entries will not be accepted.
  2. All entries submitted will not be returned to the contestant. Entries must therefore be duplicate copies and not originals.
  3. Enties may be used for the promotion of diving and diving tourism as well as for the promotion of the SUBIOS Festival.
  4. While credit will be given whenever an entry is used for promotional purposes, no payment will be made for this usage.
  5. Judging will be done by public votes collated during the SUBIOS 2002 festival and winners will be announced during the closing ceremony.
  6. Entry fee is US$ 10 per entry and must be paid by Travellers Cheque or bank draft payable to Seychelles Government (Tourism)
  7. All entries should be submitted to: SUBIOS 2002 Committee, ATSI Unit, PO Box 92, Victoria, Republic of Seychelles
Download the entry form in MS Word 2000 Format

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